How It's Made Matters: Build Your Business With TruAzta™


TruAzta provides companies producing dietary supplements and nutritional products with an amazing opportunity. Products containing natural algal astaxanthin, the primary active ingredient in TruAzta, are expected to grow at an estimated CAGR of 29% over the next several years. We believe that as consumers increasingly demand natural, quality products, those which incorporate TruAzta will have the best opportunity to meet or exceed these returns.

The health and nutrition market is primed to see new products containing TruAzta capture remarkable growth. A rapidly growing body of scientific evidence on the efficacy of the active ingredient at the heart of TruAzta, combined with a consumer-friendly product and attractive pricing, provide a sound foundation on which to build. Add to this an enticing marketplace in which a relatively low diversity of products and smaller competitors means that significant growth is possible for experienced and innovative companies incorporating TruAzta in their products.

To make great products, one relies on great ingredients. TruAzta’s flexibility allows it to be formulated with other actives and in numerous types of products, providing opportunities for creative and innovative product development.

A growing market; solid science; broad activity; creative formulation opportunities. TruAzta is a necessity in your line-up.

Product Samples

TruAzta is available in 10kg and 5kg SKUs with product samples available upon request. Complete vendor qualification documentation sets are ready to share with your Quality, Product Development and Regulatory Teams to facilitate an easy adoption process.

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