TruAzta™ Offers Endless Opportunities

The powerful story of astaxanthin as it exists in nature is engaging, compelling, and provides a perfect marketing platform from which to launch a new product. TruAzta can serve as a stand-alone product in your supplement portfolio or as a single ingredient in a mixed formulation. It can be provided as a soft gel supplement or delivered through more creative means such as gummies, bars, or beverages, many of which have entered foreign markets but have yet to hit US shelves. Because of TruAzta astaxanthin’s remarkable flexibility, it can be easily combined with many other products to generate the innovative products the market craves. We are excited to help provide you with an ingredient that targets this underdeveloped market. The opportunities are endless.

Heliae is relentlessly focused on the production of ingredients from algae. Our technological innovations allow us to bring high quality, natural ingredients to the marketplace in ways that others cannot. Heliae is here to serve as a trusted partner as you explore this and many other new products. Looking for something in particular? Please contact us so we can help, or check out our toolbox with links to documents which you may find useful.