History is About to Repeat Itself

  • 1970Vitamin C

    In 1970, Pauling draws world wide attention to Vitamin C with his controversial bestseller, "Vitamin C and Common Cold".
  • 2006CoQ10

    The CoQ10 supplement market is on the verge of exploding due to increased scientific support and association with heart health
  • 2016Astaxanthin

    Consumers are becoming familiar with the health benefits from natural astaxanthin products like TruAzta as data start to build and consumers seek natural products.

The Astaxanthin Market is Perfectly Positioned for Growth

Natural astaxanthin is positioned where CoQ10 was in 2006 or Vitamin C was 50 years ago; recent and growing establishment of scientific support and a growing market awareness. With astaxanthin production issues which have plagued the industry in the past resolved, natural astaxanthin looks to be sitting at a critical point teetering on market explosion.

Astaxanthin’s proven benefits are perfectly suited for what consumers are craving and TruAzta presents an opportunity to enhance and anchor your supplement line-up. While consumer awareness and familiarity with astaxanthin is beginning to take hold, there is a need and therefore an opportunity in the market for supplement companies with market savvy to trigger realization of the true market potential.


Key Opportunities

Uncover the key opportunities in astaxanthin:
Sound science
Powerful consumer messaging
Compelling business case