Truly Amazing Business Opportunities

The power of TruAzta™ and current market conditions offer compelling reasons for adding astaxanthin to your product line.

Scientific support continues to mount supporting natural astaxanthin’s benefits in a wide range of health concerns targeted by consumers. Accordingly, the market for astaxanthin is strong and growing. H. pluvialis-derived astaxanthin is the fastest growing source of astaxanthin with an estimated CAGR of 29% between 2014 and 2020.

While driven by increasing consumer awareness of its health benefits, an increased concern over synthetic products used in supplements and food sources is also fueling growth. Natural astaxanthin is poised where CoQ10 and Vitamin C markets were positioned in 10 and 50 years ago respectively. Recent and growing establishment of scientific support and a growing market awareness positioning it on the cusp of market explosion.

The opportunity?

The market is underdeveloped. Key players in the market are not supplement companies; they are algae growers like Heliae. Our strengths lie in the production of high value products from algae; not in formulating and selling final products. As consumer awareness and familiarity with astaxanthin takes hold, there is a need, and therefore an opportunity, in the market for supplement companies with market savvy to trigger realization of the true market potential.

TruAzta’s flexibility makes it easy to combine with other products to generate the innovative products the market craves. From caps and topicals to supplement gummies and sports drinks, the formulation opportunities are bound only by your creativity. To support those products, astaxanthin is the main character in an incredibly powerful story of natural resistance and fortitude, bringing astaxanthin to life for the consumer. There are broad, powerful consumer messaging opportunities that resonate in the marketplace.