TruAzta™ astaxanthin-rich algae oil in 10% and 5% concentrations receives approval from Vegan Action and The Vegetarian Society

GILBERT, ARIZONA, USA — Heliae today announced that its TruAzta™ 10% astaxanthin oleoresin, and newly released TruAzta™ 5% oleoresin products, have received vegan and vegetarian certifications from Vegan Action and The Vegetarian Society organizations, respectively.

The certifications provide further assurance that Heliae’s TruAzta™ products provide an affordable source of approved natural, algal astaxanthin for vegetarian and vegan products. “For a number of years, Heliae has been working to unlock the potential of microalgae,” says Len Smith, Chief Business Officer of Heliae. “It continues to be our goal to turn our research and development efforts into products that help people live better. While Heliae’s astaxanthin ingredient has been successfully used in many products for several years now, these certifications allow Heliae to offer the benefits of our unique astaxanthin ingredient to manufacturers whose products serve those with vegetarian and vegan dietary restrictions.”

Natural astaxanthin sourced from algae is a powerful carotenoid antioxidant and is one of the fastest growing supplements in the market due in large part to a number of proven health benefits. TruAzta™ by Heliae is a natural, complete, astaxanthin-rich oil produced here in the USA from non-genetically modified microalgae under conditions that are unique in the industry. Utilizing a proprietary production technology to seed fully enclosed open pond expression systems, TruAzta™ has broken the affordability barrier while maintaining high quality standards. TruAzta™ 10% oleoresin contains no blending oils, further distinguishing it from other astaxanthin ingredients.

Smith continues, “At Heliae, we truly believe that how something is made matters. TruAzta™ products represent the perfect blend of science and nature, utilizing technology to harness the best of what nature has to offer. We look forward to expanding our reach with these additional certifications and are excited to meeting new partners at upcoming events.”

Heliae will be attending Ingredient Marketplace April 18-20 in Orlando, Florida. Visit us at www.TruAzta.com or contact us directly for more information.


An applied life sciences and technology company located just outside of Phoenix, Arizona, USA, Heliae is focused on researching and developing algae and other underdeveloped biological platforms for commercial scale production of products that help people live better.