Truly Remarkable

Natural astaxanthin confers the benefits of a carotenoid while also serving as nature’s most powerful antioxidant. It’s antioxidant capacity contributes to oxidative stress reduction and positively impacts:

  • Inflammation
  • Neurodegenerative conditions and related cognitive decline
  • Skin health

Astaxanthin’s ability to induce detoxification enzymes, facilitate cell-to-cell interactions, and integrate itself not only directly into the cell membrane but also to cross both the blood-retina and blood-brain barrier make natural astaxanthin a truly amazing molecule. Consumers are seeking naturally-sourced products to address specific ailments and to maintain the highest possible levels of general health. Natural astaxanthin is backed by proven science and provides a broad range of extraordinary benefits.

Broad Health Benefits Backed by Science

Understanding the Science
The astaxanthin scientific literature database continues to grow and momentum is building. Nearly four hundred studies related to astaxanthin have been published in the past 10 years. Specific areas of research such as astaxanthin’s applicability in cancer and treatment of eye diseases and disorders have been of particular recent interest. The potential applications for astaxanthin are many, increasing rapidly, and increasingly reflected in reviews of the literature.
Nearly400studies in the last 10 years demonstrating a broad range of efficacy.

14 times stronger than vitamin E

Natural Astaxanthin is 14 times stronger than vitamin E for free radical elimination.

65 times stronger than vitamin C

Natural Astaxanthin is 65 times stronger than vitamin C for free radical elimination.

500 times stronger than vitamin E

Natural Astaxanthin is 500 times stronger than vitamin E for singlet oxygen quenching.

6,000 times stronger than vitamin C

Natural Astaxanthin is 6,000 times stronger than vitamin E for singlet oxygen quenching.
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Oxidative Stress

One of nature’s most powerful free radical eliminators, natural astaxanthin improves oxidative stress markers such as DNA damage and acute phase protein biomarkers. It's been show to enhance the immune response and is capable of preventing oxidative damage in smokers.
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Eye Health

Natural astaxanthin is known to improve eye health. It improves choroidal blood flow velocity, visual accommodation function and ocular hypertension. In addition, it improves central retina dysfunction in Age-related Macular Degeneration.
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In-vitro data supports potential preventative effects of astaxanthin through anti-inflammatory and apoptotic activity. Esterified-astaxanthin, such as natural TruAzta astaxanthin, shows increased efficacy due to increased bioavailability.
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Diabetes and Related Conditions

Astaxanthin suppresses lipid peroxidation and stimulates antioxidant defenses. It positively impacts insulin sensitivity and helps preserve beta-cell function. In addition, it improves visual function, has a positive impact on hs-CRP levels and improves peripheral neuropathy.
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Brain Function

By crossing the blood-brain barrier, astaxanthin improves cognition, hippocampal neurogenesis and special memory. It has also shown positive impacts on type 2 diabetic-associated cognitive decline.
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Antioxidant, anti-apoptotic, and anti-inflammatory activity may provide neuroprotective benefits. It has been shown to improve red blood cell antioxidant status while decreasing phospholipid hydroperoxides (PLOOH) which abnormally accumulate in dementia patients.
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Musculoskeletal / Sports Medicine

Astaxanthin increases utilization of fatty acids as an energy source and promotes lipid metabolism versus glucose utilization during exercise. Mixed data show improvement in swimming endurance and cycling time trial improvement. In addition, astaxanthin's high free radical scavenging ability absorbs the oxidative stress induced by exercise.
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Skin Health

The carotenoid and antioxidant status of astaxanthin confers light filtering activity and UV protection as well as powerful scavenging of free radicals generated through sun and environmental exposure. It has been shown to improve skin condition and reduce signs of aging like wrinkles and age spots.
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Cardiovascular Health

Astaxanthin has demonstrated potential in the support of atherosclerosis, stroke and cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment. In-vivo research demonstrates amelioration of triglycerides and HDL-cholesterol and demonstrates anti-hypertensive activity.
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Other Conditions

In addition to all of these amazing health benefits, astaxanthin reduces reflux symptoms in functional dyspepsia patients, may support male idiopathic infertility, and may play a role in protecting the vocal fold from injury and inflammation caused by vocal loading.
Representative examples of published data by type of study are noted here.